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Thread: Which kind of bifocal lenses is better?

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    Default Which kind of bifocal lenses is better?

    I would like to buy bifocal prescription glasses, which kind of bifocal lenses is better? Round segment bifocals and flat top bifocals? By the way, what is the real difference between the two types? Thanks for your help.

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    Hello, Kearney. You said you want to buy bifocal prescription glasses and need to know which kind of bifocal lenses is better. Many people may want know what bifocal are and what they’re made for. Bifocal glasses are one kind of vision glasses used to correct vision problems such as myopia. If someone who has got two distance problems a pair of bifocals can instantly help you without the need for buying two pair of different glasses. you should buy one pair of bifocal. They bring much more convenience.

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