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Thread: How to prevent "presbyopia"

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    Default How to prevent "presbyopia"

    First, frequent blinking, which allows muscle to get exercise and aging.
    Second, often turning the eyes, because eyes are often up, down, left, right and so forth direction of rotation, can exercise the muscle.
    Third, to master the correct method of reading, studying to sit comfortably, relax muscles, reading distance about 30 cm above the eye, not too lean. Otherwise, it will cause back muscle strain, not reading in bed, too tired, do not force reading.

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    Fourth, pay attention to exercise. Body to do more exercise, increase blood circulation to the eye muscles are beneficial.
    Fifth, we should focus on a small target monitor, do not use peripheral vision to squint to see things.
    Sixth, the sun bursts from the shadows to the eyes, do not let direct sunlight into the eyes. Watching TV, time should not be too long to protect the

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