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Thread: How to buy suitable eyeglasses online?

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    Default How to buy suitable eyeglasses online?

    Hey, could you give me some advices on how to buy suitable eyelgasses online? As you know , online shopping is very convenient and money saving so I prepare to buy my new prescription glasses from the online stores. Any good online prescription glasses stores you want to recommend?

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    Get the total width and temple length of your old eyeglasses frame, by selecting frame with similar measurement and it will fit you well. is a professional online precscription glasses store, they supply more than 700 different types of eyeglasses frames starting from USD7.95 for your choice. Good choice for you to buy eyeglasses online.

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    Can you do progressive lenses with prisms? Can I send you a scanned copy of my prescription? Are we able to order glasses in Australia from your web site? How long approxinately does it take? What is the freight for 1,2 or 3 pairs? Thank you for any help!

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    In respose to your question regarding the PD value on my Rx, I have two numbers, not one and my prescription states: Dist. PD: R = 29.5, L = 31.5. I noted this when I made my order, perhaps I entered the information in the wrong area. I hope this helps. Please let me know. Thank you!

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