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    Hi there, I just browsed the site and found glasses which number is NS2411 in I like this frame very much and the color I want to choose is gun. I just used the virtual fitting room. I think if I wearing this frame, maybe I would be unique personality. But my prescription is very strong. Both my eyes are -8.00. Can I order this half rim glasses frame? And which kind of frame is best suitable for me? thank you for any help!

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    Hi lakeview. I just browsed the frame which you like. NS2411 is a wonderful glasses frames. the style is elegant and classic. You said you prescription is around -8.00. I think your prescription is a little heavy. Maybe you can’t use this frames. that’s a little pity. But I am not sure. You’d better contact with the service of that site and make sure which frame is fit for you. if you any other question pls contact me.

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