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Thread: cheap computer prescription glasses

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    Default cheap computer prescription glasses

    I need to order a pair of computer glasses when I am using computer. As my working needs watching computer all day long, my old prescription canít protect my eyes anymore. My optical doctor recommends me to order a special prescription which is computer glasses in his hospital. But the price there is too expensive and he didnít give me any discount. I just heard that the price of prescription online is cheaper than hospital and local store. so i want to know which store is best ? thank you for any help!

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    Dear lakeview. You said you need to get a pair of computer glasses when you are using computer. Today, more and more people using computer and staring at screen over two hours, it is very harmful to our eyes and decrease our vision. We should wearing computer eyeglasses to protect our vision. And let our eyes have a rest every hour.

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