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    Hi everyone, when eyeglasses have long been seen as not only an appliance of correcting eye vision but also something like clothes and other decorations to make us look beautiful. Like beautiful clothes, eyeglasses with unusual shapes and colors might be suit for us. We can buy glasses with unusual shapes and colors in the online store, I read that Amazon and EBay sells about a third of all good that are sold online. If you add in these websites, you can choose your favorite glasses in the online eyeglasses store.

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    Last Friday, I browsed the website of some online optical shop to select a pair of prescription eyeglasses for my little girl. I opted for the frame with the material of plastics, but the retailer said that my daughter need bifocal prescription lens to correct her vision, and the frame I chose is not fit for this kind of lens. I don't know there are so many requirements to fit bifocal prescription lens, could you give me some advice? Thanks very much.

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