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    Default great optical store online

    As we grow older, our eyes will seem to wear out as we using our eyes tiredly. If this case come to you , we may have to look at some non prescription eye glasses to help us out. So if I want to wear non prescription eyeglasses , where can we get them? There are a variety of places we can buy these items over the counter, but these non prescription eyeglasses are paid at a high price, I didn't have enough money to buy them. Could you tell me some methods to buy non prescription eye glasses with low price and good quality?

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    Hi, lamar. I could introduce you a site which I just bought one pair of prescription glasses there. The site is OZglasses. You could have a try now. The price there is very cheap. Most online stores have a selection of prescription glasses numbering in the thousands, which can be overwhelming at first. You could find any style of frames which you like. Thanks to online retailer. You could find prescription glasses easily.

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    we have a problem with the new glasses which I got in our local optical retailer last week. The glasses arrived with the right lens loose, & the frame squeaks & rattles. The reading section of the glasses is so small, I can\'t use them for reading, (but the long distance section is really good) . can I ask for change for free? Who can help me? Thank you.

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