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  12. How to protect eyeglasses from scratching?
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  16. What is PD?
  17. How to know the quality of eyeglasses frames is good or bad?
  18. What should I notice when I am buying prescription glasses online?
  19. Buy cheap prescription glasses online.
  20. ADD +1.00 instead of +0.25!
  21. Danyang Tianxing Optical Spectacles
  22. What's your company Product concept?
  23. my reading glasses, for AUD $38 each pair
  24. Polarized Introduction
  25. question for use Credit Card
  26. who knows Zenni optical more details?
  27. Zenni Optical? Good or bad?
  28. Zenni Optical Complaints - Bad service
  29. How can I trust online sites?
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  34. anti-scratch lenses
  35. Keep Blood Sugar within Healthy Limits
  36. Hi everyone i'm new here
  37. Some possible causes of vision loss
  38. Hello from Rainsville Glasses
  39. Hi everyone
  40. Hi eyeglasses Club
  41. Hi, all!