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  18. your Pupillary Distancewill affect the thickness of a lens
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  21. my eyes start to get really heavy
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  23. MY daughter received her glasses.
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  25. While I see a bit of pink on the temple
  26. red NN3145 and DS3375 is surely classic colour with the cheapest price under $60.00
  27. wear sunglasses in summer
  28. mistakenly gave an outdated prescription
  29. how to guarantee the safety of rimless frames with a long time?
  30. How can I get to the virtual fitting room?
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  33. find a rimless frame with Sarah Palin shape lenses
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  41. where do i put in the -1.00 the online order page
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  45. what color is darker.brown,grey or g15 ???
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  48. silhouette brand frames
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