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Thread: Anti-uv prescription sunglasses

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    Default Anti-uv prescription sunglasses

    I just want to buy a new pair of anti-uv prescription sunglasses this week. As my last one cannot anti uv which I thought it could. However, I still can not distinguish this kind of anti prescription sunglasses. my husband once told me how to distinguish, but I have forgot it. Who can tell me the simple way to distinguish??thank you for any help!

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    Hello, dear naco. You said you can not distinguish the anti prescription sunglasses. let me help you. It is very important that before you purchase prescription sunglasses, you will need a prescription. After this, you should know that the cost of different coating like anti-scratch, uv etc. can nevertheless increase the price of the pair. But some of the online stores offer these coating for free. You could have a try.

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