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Thread: buying cheap and fashion prescription glasses

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    Default buying cheap and fashion prescription glasses

    Buying a pair of prescription glasses is very expensive to us today, especially in local store. In old days, we need to go far to the opticians to check our eyes. And then choose the right prescription glasses to wear. But now, many people would like to search online to find retailer. You should choose the eyeglasses retailer online that business many years. The price there is much cheaper than local store.

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    The price of high street in our place is very expensive too. I would like to order one pair of prescription glasses online as its lower price. But I don’t trust them at all before. But when I receive my first glasses which I bought last week online store which is, I changed my mind. The quality there is perfect. And the service there is even better than high street. I like the glasses and will order it again.

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    Hi!I am thinking on buying as a present some glasses, but I am from Uruguay and I want to send the glasses to the US. IT is possible for you to let me buy like that? I have a PayPal account and also an International Visa CC. Is there a way for me to pay in one of those ways?If there is, for how long will I have to wait for the DS2203 black color? I need them in less than 2 weeks, so I want to be sure I will get the glasses.Probably I will buy 4 glasses and liked the models you have.Could you please get back to me as soon as possible?Thanks!!!!!

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