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Thread: Nose Pad problem

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    Default Nose Pad problem

    I have bought a pair of frames online and sadly having a problem with the nose pads. They leave red marks, which do go away after I take them off . I am finding information about how to adjust them and it seems not giving me any help. I don't know if the frame is the wrong size, the pads are out of adjustment. I switched out the nosepads for silicone and that hasn't helped much. I've never worn a nose pad metal frame before.
    Not sure what else to do.

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    what about changing the nose pads,maybe it can help .It doesn't sound like it's a materials issue, but is instead a pressure issue, especially since the silicone (hypoallergenic) didn't fix it. they have all kinds of in a number of sizes, so a larger size might spread the weight around a bit more.

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    It seems like that the left nose pad is leaning harder on your nose. The metal pieces which hold the nose pads maybe adjusted a little to leave a wider or narrower space between them.

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