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Thread: progressives vs single vision eyeglasses

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    Default progressives vs single vision eyeglasses

    I am a new to this BBS . Do folks in this group have enough experience/expertise to advise on this:
    I am now able to see from zero to two feet best totally without glasses as I have worn progressives for years . I do suspect this is due to aging eyes, Am wondering about ordering single vision glasses for distance vision .The bad eye has cyl +1.50 with 015 axis.The girl who did the refraction added 200 in each eye for reading. I have an appointment for another refraction with an optometrist because I was somehow not thrilled with the semi-skilled work, which I did not understand was included in my "full eye exam" done supposedly by my ophthomologist

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    Hi , above all ,I think your question is:
    Do I need progressive lenses?
    If you can read a book while holding it at a comfortable distance, then I'd say you don't need progressive lenses.
    You could test the +2.00 addition for progressives done by the opthomologist's assistant by going into a store that sells 'reader' glasses and try on a set with +2.00 correction and try reading something.

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    Hi,I am also a new to this group!
    Here's a test if you need progressives. When you are driving the car can you read the Freeway signs and the odometer at the same time, whithout changing glasses?

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