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Thread: Please advise what I can do with my prescription glasses?

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    Default Please advise what I can do with my prescription glasses?

    I received my sunglasses last night.I am very pleased with the frames but after several attempts at wearing the glasses there is something wrong. Every time I turn my head my vision blurs and I find myself looking over the glasses for distance vision and searching for focus. I know progressive lenses take some getting used to but I have worn them for years. I believe the progressive it up to far in the field of vision. I believe the glasses I lost which were almost identical had the progressive set much lower because they were primarily used for outdoor and driving. Please advise what I can do.

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    This is my first time to buy cheap prescription eyeglasses online, I want to order a pair of prescription eyeglasses for reading and using computer. But I don't know which kind of frames suit for my square face, rimless, half-rimless or full rim? I need the prescription eyeglasses which can not only improve my vision, but also makes my face looks comfortable, do you know which kind is my best choice?

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