Clip On Glasses

Clip on glasses are growing in popularity, as they offer both practicality and style. This is a guide to find out everything you need to know, from how they work to the best clip on sunglasses.

What Are Clip On Glasses?

Clip on sunglasses are glasses lenses that can be attached to your current optical frames, or you can buy clip on frames from the get-go. Essentially, you will end up with two lenses that clip together at the bridge of your nose with magnets or clips. This allows you to have a base layer of your prescription glasses, and then add on a variety of tints, features, and coatings. For example, you can connect anti glare clip on glasses, blue light blocking clip on glasses, or even magnifying clip on glasses. 

When entering the world of clip on glasses, the best place to start is with the different variations, of which there are three.

The first type of clip on glasses is known as standard clip ons. As the name suggests, these simply attach to the glasses frames with clips. These are the perfect option for those of you that already own your perfect pair of glasses, and want an extra lens to clip onto them. The best way to find the right ones for your frames is to check the options with your particular styles of glasses frames, and see if there are any clip ons available from that label. This will give you the best chance of finding clip ons that fit your frames. However, there is no harm in buying a more generic pair of clip on lenses that will also fit your current frame size and shape.

The second clip type also coordinates with the frames you already own, but this time, they flip up. They clip onto your glasses in a very similar way to the standard clip ons. The added benefit is that you can flip one lens up to use the lens underneath, without completely removing the upper lens.

When shopping for clip on lenses to match your current glasses, it is vital you get the same size and shape lens. This is because if the center of your pupil does not align with the optical center of the lenses, your prescription won't work. This can lead to dizziness and headaches. It is also important when using clip ons for sunglasses, as the UV protection will only be provided if the lens fits the original frame shape almost perfectly. So, whether your glasses are a retro round shape, a quirky cat eye, or a more traditional rectangular shape, your clip on lenses need to reflect that. Once you have the lens shape, check the frame measurements. These can be found in small writing on the inside of the frame arms. Both frames and lenses are measured in millimeters, so make sure the numbers match when you buy your clip on lenses. For more information on glasses measurements, see our guide here

The third and final option is magnetic clip ons. In this case, it is more important that the lenses match the shape and size of the frames they are clipped to. As a result, this type of lens is often sold as part of a set with the original pair of glasses, to ensure a good fit. The lenses connect with strong magnets, so you don't have to worry about them falling off. 

The Benefits of Clip On Glasses

1. The biggest benefit of clip ons is the price. A pair of clip on lenses essentially saves you from buying whole new pairs of prescription glasses for various uses, such as prescription sunglasses. Instead, you have one perfect pair of frames, and you can match other lens tints and styles to suit the occasion. If you are heading to the beach, pop on polarized clip on glasses. If you are spending a day in the office, use blue light blocking clip on glasses lenses. The variety of activities you can do with different lenses instead of different pairs of glasses is an advantage in itself. To use your glasses for as many different uses as possible, keep an eye out for clip on sets and interchangeable clips.

2. Polarized clip on glasses are extremely popular, and are particularly beneficial for those going to and fro between outdoor and indoor spaces. This can include sports players who need sunglasses while exercising outdoors but want to revert to their normal prescription lenses once back in the changing rooms. 

3. Yet another perk to clip on lenses is that they are perfectly on-trend. Rather than buying fresh lenses to match the style of the season year on year, you can make do with a new clip on lens. That way, you keep up with the fashion, without the need for a magic money tree!

A final benefit of clip on glasses frames is the wider selection. You can create so many different looks with just one pair of glasses. This is facilitated by the enormous range of clip on lenses out there. There is a set for every style, texture, coating, material, size, shape, color, and occasion.

Are Clip On Glasses Fashionable?

To put it simply, yes. But to fully explain, let us take a trip down memory lane. Clip on glasses was originally used in the 1990s when they were cheap, clunky, and associated with very un-cool members of older generations. However, with the recent retro and vintage trends, a certain nostalgia for the 90s has arisen and brought clip on glasses right back on-trend. Today's models are of course vast improvements on designs from years gone by. These days, the magnetic style clip ons means that you can find clip on lenses from an extraordinarily wide selection of lenses, that still fit your current frames perfectly. More modern clip ons also feature artistic designs and embellishments, and it is near impossible for an observer to tell if the frames are clip ons or not. For more style tips for clip on glasses, read our blog post here.

Best Clip On Glasses at EyeglassesClub

For the most classy, designer pair, treat yourself to some Tom Ford clip on glasses. The frame features a unique full rim that comes in tortoise and burgundy hues. The cat eye shape offers a contemporary look with the finest attention to detail. You are bound to turn heads wherever you go in these. Additionally, they have been expertly crafted in Italy, are sure to last a very long time, and you can choose the quality lenses you fancy.

For a stylish pair of clip on glasses for excellent value for money, consider choosing the EyeglassesClub Collection Connelly set of four. After paying a very reasonable price for prescription glasses frames, you then get four different lenses to clip on top. There is a computer clip on glasses lenses, a yellow clip on glasses for driving, a polarized clip on glasses lenses, and a sunglasses clip on glasses that are both polarized and mirrored. There is a range of frame colors to choose from, and your prescription lenses will be expertly fitted by our in-house professionals. This means that as soon as the glasses arrive in the post, you can start wearing all the different clip on for all sorts of events.

For an even better value and more versatile clip on option, take a look at the Montana Collection by EyeglassesClub. The Clip On Polarized lenses is the lens on its own, so you can attach the yellow clip on glasses to the frames you already own. There are a variety of lens types and colors available in the collection.

Bear in mind that when you purchase with EyeglassesClub, you will be treated to a 1-month warranty, 30-day return policy, and a price match guarantee.

Clip On Glasses FAQs

How Do Clip-On Sunglasses Work?

Clip-on glasses attach to your prescription glasses at or near the bridge with a built-in clip so that the tinted lenses completely cover the clear eyeglass lenses.

Are Clip-On Sunglasses as Good as Regular Sunglasses?

Yes. Clip-on sun lenses shade your eyes from brightness just like regular sunglasses do. The clip-on sets at Eyeglasses Clubs feature polarized lenses, which significantly reduce glare for enhanced clarity while driving or in very bright conditions, such as near water.

Will Clip-On Sunglasses Scratch My Lenses?

No. When used properly, clip-on sunglasses will not scratch your eyeglass lenses because they are designed to fit your glasses frames exactly. Attaching and removing them carefully makes it very unlikely that you will harm your lenses with a clip-on.

How Do I Measure for Clip-On Glasses?

All the clip-on sets at Eyeglasses Clubs come with two pairs of glasses designed to fit together seamlessly. That means you do not need any additional measurements for your clip-on sunglasses. Simply find your correct size for your prescription glasses and we'll take care of the rest.

Are Clip-On Sunglasses Worth It?

Yes. Picking the best sunglasses for you doesn't have to be a chore. At Eyeglasses Clubs, you've got lots of options, including clip-on sets. These dynamic duos don't take time to adjust the way Transitions lenses do and you won't need to carry a second pair. Plus, our collection of clip-on glasses sets comes in a wide variety of styles, from classics like tortoiseshell and browline to trendy looks for men and women like oversized glasses and cat eyes.

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