Mens Prescription Glasses

Looking for your next pair of men's glasses or sunglasses? Look no further than our incredible range of glasses for men. Available with prescription lenses or as non-prescription fashion accessories; we have a wide collection of prescription men's glasses with different shapes. We also offer more affordable glasses for men with various frame colors. If you're interested in reading glasses for men, our EyeglassesClub Readers range is sure to help you see the world more clearly; or add a blue light block to any frame and create the perfect screen glasses frames for men! Look fresh, feel good, and see even better in our stylish range of men's glasses.

What glasses are in style for men?

If you're wondering what glasses frames for men are in style, you're in the right place! We know the best glasses for men that not only look good, but fit with your lifestyle, personality, and budget. From traditional square frames to modern round-frame glasses online, we've pulled together the most popular glasses styles for men:

Pilot Glasses
A reinvention of the classic men's fashion glasses style, pilot frames level up your attitude and style. Easily personalizable, pilot glasses for men are available with various funky lens tints and metal frame color tones.

Vintage Round Frames Circle or rounded, vintage round frames bring the iconic John Lennon to look to life whilst upgrading any outfit. Popular as thin wireframes, chunky acetate plastic glasses, or simple black round glasses - round frames are great accessories to add to a smart or casual look.

Browline Glasses Frames
The classic style of half-rim eyeglasses is back with a purpose, suitable as a go-to accessory for a geek hipster look or for complementing the outfit of a classic business gentleman. This glasses style mimics how eyebrows frame the face offering, fitting a narrow face by adding fullness.

Clear Glasses Frames
A current favorite amongst celebs and fashion fanatics, clear men's glasses allow you to achieve your desired look easily, from professional to stylish, or vintage to geeky! Almost invisible from afar, clear glasses frames for men compliment almost all face shapes and skin tones due to their transparent nature.

How to choose men's glasses

Now you know what's on-trend, it's time to choose the perfect pair for you. We know that shopping for men's eyeglasses can feel a little daunting with the number of frames and styles available. There are a few key pointers to consider: you need to choose a pair that suits your face shape, complements your skin tone, and reflects or builds upon your personality. Follow our useful tips below when choosing glasses frames for men:

Step 1: Identify your face shape & find the frames to suit it!

The basic rule for choosing glasses frames is figuring out what your face shape is lacking and getting the frames that provide it. For example, if you have a soft face with curving features, you're best suited to straight glasses that help to create angles on your face. If you have a more structured face shape, you'll want to opt for round frame glasses to add some curves. See below for the most popular face shapes and the recommended styles:

A round-shaped face:

  • Typical features: Curving chin and fuller cheeks
  • Recommendation: Opt for angular, flat, rectangular lenses that help make your face appear longer and thinner. If you have a cool complexion, try a pair of tortoise shell glasses frames.
  • Steer clear: Thick frames (they can look a little too chunky!)

A square-shaped face:

  • Typical features: Broad chin and strong jawline
  • Recommendation: Round and thin frames help to soften your impression, whilst squared-off shape lenses can work for creating a stronger profile.
  • Steer clear: Narrow & rectangular lenses will make you look a little squinty!

A heart-shaped face:

  • Typical features: Wide cheekbones that lead to a narrow chin, and an irregular V-shaped hairline
  • Recommendation: Stick to square or rectangular frames to help create a balance amongst your features
  • Steer clear: Chunky frames won't work with the curves in your face shape, but ultra-narrow frames could look a little lost. Try to find a balance between them!

An oval-shaped face:

  • Typical features: High cheekbones, rounded chin and taller face shape
  • Recommendation: You're lucky enough to suit almost all glasses frames, but thicker frames will help to add definition to your face.
  • Steer clear: Nothing too square or circular, as they may look a little chunky.

To find out more, check out our helpful face shape guide. Next up, it's important to understand how your eyeglasses will impact your visual identity. The right glasses frames for men go a long way in making a great first impression! They help to complement your style rather than define it, so think about the type of impression you'd like to make and the situation you'll be in. For a more professional approach, try a classic frame shape in more neutral color tones, like black, silver, or gold. In a casual situation you can experiment with color - try lightly colored acetate plastic frames or retro-round frame glasses to make an impact. You can use our virtual try-on tool to try on glasses online before you purchase and see what style suits you best!

Where to buy men's reading glasses

Find the perfect pair of readers that suit your vision needs at EyeglassesClub USA. Our selection of reading glasses for men are available in a variety of styles, from classic round frames to modern pilot and rimless shapes. Whatever your sense of style and desired look, you can browse through our store of quality reading glasses for men by selecting the lens type filter ‘Reading Glasses'. Once selected, you can further filter by frame shape, frame type, and color.

Our EyeglassesClub Readers collection offers traditional and stylish reading glasses for men at affordable prices. You can shop our collection online in total peace of mind knowing that we provide a 24-month warranty on every pair of glasses, covering both the frames and lenses. And, if you change your mind about your new purchase, you can easily get your money back with our 30-day returns policy. Upgrade your look and find a pair of men's glasses online that will last!

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