Mens Prescription Sunglasses

Looking for the perfect pair of sunnies for any given occasion? Shop the most deluxe men's sunglasses with the prestigious, highly-quality prescription sunglasses for men. Whether you're looking for some classic casual pieces or something to rock a ‘going out out' look, we've got it all! You'll be able to add your personal prescription to all men's sunglasses easily at checkout, with added protection and some of the latest and best-performing lenses to add on, creating the ultimate perfect pair of sunglasses.

What men's sunglasses are in fashion?

Whether you're looking for durable, luxurious men's designer sunglasses, or a more cost-effective, in-season and ‘ mix them up every day of the week' kinda pairs, then we've got your back covered for any given occasion. We will now go through some of the most timeless, fresh, and creative men's sunglasses of all time. 

Ultra round sunnies

The first sunglasses shape that remains as the elite originals and the most timeless pieces yet are the round glasses. The round men's sunglasses were firstly seen on male celebrities in the 1920s and '30s, they were also a huge hit and have been high in demand since first worn, and have made an unforgettable mark in the fashion and eyewear industry. 

Want to know if the round men's sunglasses will suit you? Take a look at the face-shape guide at EyeglassesClub to identify what face shape type you have. You'll be able to find the best-recommended sunglasses shapes that work best with your face!

Aviator sunglasses

Made in 1936 for the picturesque pilots, who flew to the top in the fashion and eyewear industry, and won't be departing any time soon! The aviators back in the days were solely worn on male pilots, where they became the most iconic, original, and timeless men's sunglasses of all time. You'll be able to find the best aviator men's sunglasses in the USA, at EyeglassesClub, from wild statement fashion pieces to dramatize any attire, or sophisticated, classy, and keeping it cool with stylish and minimal frames. 

What colour sunglasses are best for men?

The darker, the better. If you're looking for your everyday men's sunglasses, then darker, neutral and classic tones are the way forward. This makes the frames super transparent, allowing you to wear them with any outfit, for any given occasion. 

The most classic and popular tones that are worn by men with sunglasses are superior silver, neutral navy, bold blacks, and a mix of browns, greens, and golds. These tones will compliment any outfit, whether dressing for business or pleasure.  

For those who are lovers of a more statement piece and a wild, bold look, then colors such as copper, orange, brighter greens, and blues will work perfectly with your casual daily denim jeans, as well as if you're dressing to impress and are looking for the ultimate ‘ stand out from the crowd' statement piece to your outfit. 

Where to buy men's sunglasses?

You'll be able to find endless men's sunglasses online with numerous frames to choose from, but the question is, where should you start? To ensure you're purchasing high-quality, authentic designer frames, then make sure to do some research and to shop with a reputable store that has important information such as customer service details, contact information, and store location or operating locations. You'll be able to find all of this information at EyeglassesClub, on the company authenticity page

Not only can you find the freshest and most fierce men's sunglasses at EyeglassesClub,  but you'll be able to purchase them with FREE shipping over $99, with the best price guaranteed! If you want to try before you buy, then you'll have the opportunity to do this with the virtual try-on-tool which will enable you to try on endless frames and shop until you drop! All of this fun in the comfort of your own home, with no queues, no fuss, no hassle. Happy shopping!

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