Polarized Prescription Sunglasses

Ever wear sunglasses and wonder why you don't have a clear vision, why there's so much glare, and how dull and dismal everything looks? Have any of the following factors ever affected your outdoor activities or how you spend and enjoy your time outside? Any sunglasses lens irritations will all fade away as soon as you transition to polarised sunglasses instead! Customers refer to them as the new, advanced, and upgraded versions of your ‘ normal sunglasses', that they can't go without. 

Polarised sunglasses will enhance your life and your outdoor living in many ways, where you'll reap all of the benefits, and have near to no negatives. Transform the way you see and how you adventure outside with polarised lenses, whether that be for snow or water-based activities, all-around sports, or spending numerous hours in a sunny climate with friends and family.  

What are polarised sunglasses?

Polarised lenses help to filter light that manages to pass through the lenses. This light can cause irritating glare and can affect vision. Polarised sunglasses are great for those who live in sunny climates or for those who use their sunglasses often and want the best vision possible, with fewer irritations. Polarised lenses are also great for those who take part in outdoor activities such as walking, water or snow sports, working out, or taking part in outdoor sporting activities. 

Near to all happy customers have said that they don't know how they lived with a regular pair of sunglasses for so long and without polarised lenses. Once you try them, you'll recognize the huge impact that glare and how non-filtered light can disrupt your vision, activities, and view. 

Are polarised sunglasses better?

Good question! If you compare a normal pair of sunglasses to polarised sunglasses, you'll soon be able to recognise the benefits of polarised lenses.

Benefits of polarised sunglasses:

  • Clearer vision due to reduced glare
  • Increased view of colours
  • Minimal colour distortion
  • Reduced glare from the filtered lenses
  • Reduced eye strain and irritation

If you were spending time outside, you'd soon recognize the effects of a normal pair of sunglasses if you had then tried on a pair of polarised lenses. Without us even realizing it, with a regular pair of sunglasses on in a sunnier climate, we are more likely to squint and strain our eyes due to the increase of glare, or may sometimes feel as if our vision is better without the sunglasses on, due to the dullness of color and clarity. 

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How do polarised sunglasses work?

With a scoop of science, polarised sunglasses block out glare and light by a chemical filter that is applied to the lenses. Polarised Lenses are coated with molecules that block horizontal light. These molecules are vertically positioned meaning that any light that reaches the lenses in a horizontal direction is blocked out, maintaining clear and comfortable vision. In addition, polarised lenses can also drastically enhance the colors we see when outside, compared to a normal pair of sunglasses.

Traditional sunglass lenses only dim the field of vision, meaning the colors that we see are duller too. But because polarised lenses get rid of irritating glare, there's no need to dim the field of vision.

Polarised sunglasses work their best for high light conditions such as around snow, near reflective water, on holiday, or if you live in a location with a sunnier climate. We will now talk about some of the best-polarised sunglasses for these occasions.

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If you've enjoyed learning about polarised sunglasses and want to start looking for the most in-demand frames yet, then check out the latest style guide for the best prescription sports sunglasses that are all polarised. You'll be able to find trendy fashion-based sunnies, as well as comfort over style frames, ready to go for any adventure.

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