Prescription Safety Glasses

Keep your eyes protected from dust, debris, and anything else in between with a pair of safety glasses. Nowadays, we all know how important it is to protect your eyes from UV rays with a quality pair of sunglasses, but it is also crucially important to protect yourself with a pair of safety glasses or safety goggles when carrying out certain activities that carry a risk of unwanted things reaching your eyes and causing damage.

Can you wear glasses under safety goggles?

While it is great to receive the protection given by a pair of safety goggles, you don't want to have to compromise your vision by not having your prescription glasses on. After all, you need to see clearly to keep yourself as safe as possible! You can keep your glasses on underneath your safety goggles so that you get the best of both worlds, corrective power, and the peace of mind that protective eyewear brings. 

What are safety goggles used for?

Safety glasses are used to protect against splashing of liquid or chemicals, vapors and fumes, and any debris or dust that could harm your eyes. They form a protective layer over your eyes that is much more effective than a standard pair of glasses. Some safety goggles encase the whole area around the eyes instead of the lenses just sitting in front of your face so that unwanted things cannot find their way around the side of the frame and cause any problems. Anyone who understands how the eye works recognizes the importance of having safety glasses when you need them.

Are safety glasses and goggles the same?

Safety goggles and safety glasses are often used interchangeably to talk about the broader category that includes all variations of protective eyewear. You should understand what the main use of your safety glasses will be, and then decide if you will be best suited to goggles that seal around your face, or a protective face shield that wraps around your face in a similar fashion to wraparound frames.

Why Wear Prescripiton Safety Glasses?

While you might not think you need eye protection at work, there are thousands of injuries every year in which workers weren’t wearing prescripiton safety glasses. Protective eyewear helps shield your eyes from chemicals, foreign objects, cuts, scrapes on your cornea, infections, and more.

EyeglassesClub Prescripiton Safety Eyewear

Engineered to a Higher Standard
Prescripiton safety lenses and frames go above and beyond everyday eyewear to withstand impact and prevent eye injuries.

Who Needs Prescripiton Safety Goggles?

Anyone working in a job that could result in eye injuries should wear safety glasses, but the following professions are at an especially high risk:

  • Welding
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Maintenance
  • Auto Repair

Talk to your employer or a EyeglassesClub optician if you think you need prescripiton safety glasses.

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