Prescription Sports Glasses

Prescription Sports Glasses FAQs

What's the Difference Between Regular Glasses and Sports Glasses?

Sports glasses are designed for a more aerodynamic fit than regular glasses, so that they'll stay secure while you're running, jumping or diving for the ball. They offer better protection for your eyes when it comes to dirt, sand and other debris, so you can focus on the game.

What Are Sports Glasses Made Of?

The sports glasses frames at Eyeglasses Club are composed of inner prescription lenses and an outer sports frame. Frames are made of durable, flexible plastic. Lenses for sports eyewear are generally made of highly scratch- and impact-resistant materials like polycarbonate. Cleaning your sports glasses is easy once you know our clever tricks.

What Are the Benefits of Sports Glasses?

When you suit up for your game or workout, add sports glasses as a measure of extra safety. Sports glasses protect your eyes from getting injured better than regular glasses do and they stay in place better. Many sports glasses filter out UV rays to protect your eyes and for better vision.

Why Do Athletes Wear Dark Glasses?

If you play to win, you don't want glare costing you an on-field advantage. Many athletes opt for tinted sports glasses instead of contact lenses because of their ability to block UV rays and protect their eyes from injury.

Are Polarized Glasses Good for Sports?

Polarized lenses can help you see better in many situations. They cut glare, block UV rays and offer better visual clarity than regular sunglasses. Find your perfect pair of sports glasses at Eyeglasses Club, with prices starting at just $19.95.

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