Round Prescription Glasses

Round Prescription Glasses FAQs

How Long Have Round Glasses Been Around?

Round glasses frames were likely the very first ever made, so they've been around since the inception of prescription eyewear, which occurred sometime in the 13th century in Italy.

Why Are Circle Glasses So Popular?

This classic shape had a hot moment in the 1960s during the countercultural movement. Cultural icons like musician John Lennon and fashion designer Iris Apfel made round glasses the popular style of the times and its popularity has not waned since. People love how easy it is to wear round frames because they flatter many face shapes.

Do Round Glasses Have Other Names?

Round frames are sometimes called John Lennon glasses, tea shades, circle glasses and granny glasses.

Who Should Wear Round Glasses?

Just about anyone can rock a pair of round glasses. Triangular, square and heart-shaped faces are an ideal match for round frames, but they complement nearly any shape. These glasses frames help soften sharp, angular features and can provide balance for a strong, prominent jawline. The key is finding the right size for your face, then going with a color that works with your skin tone and personality. Round frames can be bold or subtle, clear or colorful, masculine or feminine, retro or contemporary - they work for just about anyone.

How Can I Style Round Glasses?

Embrace your vintage style with metal round frames or round semi-rimless glasses. Express your creative side with thick, dark-colored circle frames that emphasize your sparkling eyes. Because of how glasses are made, round frames can downplay the thickness of high-prescription lenses. Use our Virtual Try-On to experiment with different sizes and materials of round eyewear until you find the pair that reflects your personality.

Where Can I Buy Round Glasses Online?

Browse a wide selection of round frames made of plastic or metal for men, women and kids starting at just $5.95 at Eyeglasses Clubs.

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